The Bornefonden ad campaign "Hvad sker der hvis børn ikke får mad i skolen" featuring "Motherchild" by Purejunk

Another Bornefonden advertising campaign featuring the Purejunk track "Motherchild". Thanks to Pedigree Cuts and Upright Music ApS for this!

Waka Huia docu series on TVNZ featuring Purejunk's "The End Of The Line"

Now in its 26th season, Waka Huia is an iconic archival documentary series recording the unique stories and histories of Maori for all New Zealanders. At 81 she’s still teaching in the classroom, Maude Brown (Rongowhakaata, Tūhoe) reveals her zest for life and what keeps her going. Music by Purejunk (The End Of The Line - The Pulse PEDB002), published by Pedigree Cuts and Big Bang & Fuzz.

Purejunk's "Sephor" on France TV's Envoyé Spécial

Thanks to Parigo Music for this short but sweet sync on France TV's Envoyé Spécial about the French astronaut Thomas Pesquet. The track "Sephor" taken from the album Undercurrents 2 (PEDA0014) on Pedigree cuts.

Double sync on BBC Documentary "The Great Chinese Crash"

Double sync on this 2016 BBC documentary called The Great Chinese Crash presented by Robert Peston. Tracks included are "Crowbar" and "The Controller (Slow Reprise)" from the album Downbeat Darkness (PEDD005), courtesy of Pedigree Cuts and EMI Production Music.

Four Corners on ABC Australia featuring Purejunk

ABC's "Four Corners - Money For Nothing" featuring Purejunk's "Time To Say Goodbye" from Electric Underworld (PEDD003). Thanks to Big Bang & Fuzz and Pedigree Cuts.

Downbeat Darkness 2 is out now!

My latest offering with Pedigree Cuts has been released and is called Downbeat Darkness Vol. 2.

"Hvornår er man gammel nok?" nominated at the Danish Internet Awards 2017

Chuffed to bits to have received participative nominations at this year's Danish Internet Awards and at the Creative Circle Awards for a video production that includes my track "Motherchild". Check out the video below and a SUPER BIG thanks to Upright Music ApS and Pedigree cuts for this! “Hvornår er man gammel nok?” | Børnefonden | 3 Nominations! AGENCY & PRODUCTION: Robert Boisen & Like-minded | Gobsmack Productions MUSIC: "Motherchild " (Timothy Paul Handels) | Pedigree cuts | Upright Music

Purejunk's "Future Love" on "Des robots pour échapper à la solitude" on Switzerland's RTS channel

A short usage of "Future Love" from the Synthetic Dreams album (Pedigree Cuts PEDD007) on Nouvo (RTS - Swiss National TV). Saucy subject matter with fitting track title. Big thanks to EMI Production Music Germany for this one!

Deluxe Brows Web Promo video with the track "Airborne" by Purejunk

Airborne taken from the album The Pulse 2 (PEDB003) on Pedigree Cuts in this futuristic web promo video for Deluxe Brows. With special thanks to Upright Music!

PUREJUNK's "Airborne" on RMC's Hors de Controle - World Trade Center

Airborne from the album The Pulse 2 (PEDB003) released by Pedigree Cuts on the French RMC documentary "Hors de Controle".