Purejunk's His Master's Scream from the album Downbeat Darkness on Netflix hit series Sky Rojo

Great sync on Spanish TV series SKY ROJO featuring the track His Master's Scream, taken from my Downbeat Darkness album (PEDD005). Check out this great series on Netflix!

LeMec's Late Night Stand on BBC's comedy drama "Dreaming Whilst Black"

Here's a great comedy scene from the BBC series Dreaming Whilst Black featuring one of my tracks playing in the background. The track is called Late Night Stand from the album In Your Zone, by my alter ego LeMec.

Arte's Invitation au Voyage with "La Camargue de Germaine Richier" featuring three Purejunk tracks

In her daily travel show, Linda Lorin presents artist and sculptor Germaine Richier and her beloved Camargue. This extract features three Purejunk tracks in short succession, all three taken from the album Atmospherica (PEDA017) out on Pedigree Cuts, available for worldwide sync thru Universal Production Music.

Dr Xand's Con or Cure featuring LeMec's 'Late Night Stand'

In `Dr Xand's Con or Cure', the doctor and investigative journalist Ashley John-Baptiste lift the lid on what's a con and what's not. This episode is about the dangers of quick-fix sun tanning. Featuring LeMec's 'Late Night Stand.

Café Crème by LeMec featured on WLIW's Arts Beat with DKANE

In this edition of WLIW Arts Beat, contemporary artist Dathan Kane tells the story about his approach to art and his black and white designs. This episode features my track Café Crème, from the In Your Zone album.

Call me by your name...

A short sync usage of my tune Inconsequential Ending on ARTE's Invitation Au Voyage, this time evoking Luca Guadagnino and his choice of location in Crema/Italy for cult movie Call Me By Your Name.

Sunset Stripped on Apple TV's spy thriller Tehran

Thrilled to hear my track Sunset Stripped on Apple TV's spy thriller, Tehran. Taken from the album Love Gone South, aka In Your Zone vol. 2, this extract is from the episode called Betty.

LeMec/Purejunk track Broken Dreams in Finnish TV Series "Rantamaa & Libiso"

My track Broken Dreams featured in Finnish TV's Rantamaa & Libiso - Retkikunta Jäämerelle. Taken from the Love Gone South album

MOVE - 2020 Netflix Docuseries with Ohad Naharin, featuring track Disappearing Act

Israeli choreographer Ohad Naharin, creator of the Gaga movement technique, pushes the limits of what the human body can do. This short extract features my track Disappearing Act from the album Downbeat Darkness Vol. 3, available thru Pedigree Cuts/Universal Production Music.

CBN's 700 Club Interactive featuring the track Vertical Horizon from The Moments In Between album

These stunning cinematic visuals go so well together with my 2022 track Vertical Horizon, from The Moments In Between album (a.k.a. Ambient Impressions). Taken from CBN's 700 Club Interactive show where author and ministry leader Francis Chan discusses unity in the church and why living as wholly devoted followers of Jesus Christ is imperative in accomplishing this goal.