France TV's "KGB - CIA, Au Corps à Corps" featuring Purejunk's "Ultra"

Brilliant history documentary produced by Babel Doc for France Television about the cold war that raged between the USA and the USSR in post WW2 Europe, more specifically between the CIA and the KGB. Music "Ultra" by Purejunk, taken from the album Downbeat Darkness (PEDD005) available on Pedigree cuts Thank you to Parigo Music for this sync!

BBC TV The Road To Palmyra with Dan Cruickshank featuring Purejunk!

In this excellent BBC documentary called "The Road To Palmyra", historian Dan Cruickshank and photographer Don McCullin venture into the heart of war-torn Syria on a dangerous mission to document the cultural destruction wrought by ISIS. Music "Wrap Your Arms (Piano)" taken from the album "Undercurrents 2" (PEDA014) available on Pedigree cuts. Thanks to EMI Production Music for this nice sync!

Obsession: Dark Desires - Married To The Devil featuring Purejunk

Purejunk's track "Afterlife Hunter" in this bone-chilling series showing real life stories of obsession told by the victims. Thanks to Warner/Chappell Production Music for this sync!

Haapasalo Ja Kaverit visits Berlin with music by Purejunk

Ville Haapasalo visits Berlin in the Finnish hit travel show "Haapasalo Ja Kaverit". Music "Berlin Alive" by Purejunk, available on Pedigree Cuts.

Purejunk on BBC's factual "Thief Trackers" series

Purejunk on BBC's Thief Trackers with three tracks (Bespoke Feelings, Land of Milk and Honey and Dummy Drone) from Downbeat Darkness (PEDD005) available on Pedigree cuts.

Downbeat Darkness 3

My latest offering Downbeat Darkness 3 (PEDD010) is available now on Pedigree Cuts, distributed worldwide by Warner/Chappell Production Music (USA), EMI Production Music (UK, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, South Africa), Big Bang & Fuzz (Australia, New Zealand), Parigo Music (France), Upright Music (Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway), Konga (Spain), Nichion (Japan), BMG Production Music (Benelux) and many more.

Purejunk's "Holy Holy" used on "Amande, les secrets d'un super-aliment"

A short loop of "Holy Holy" from the Synthetic Dreams (PEDD007) album used on this France TV documentary "Amande, les secrets d'un super-aliment".

Rhod Gilbert's Work Experience featuring the Purejunk track "Aurea"

The "Rhod Gilbert's Work Experience" episode "Miner" on the BBC featuring the Purejunk track "Aurea" taken from the Electric Underworld (PEDD003) album out on Pedigree Cuts.

The track 'Folter Zimmer' by Purejunk opens Murder Uncovered on 7 News

The track 'Folter Zimmer' (taken from Pedigree Cuts' Electric Underworld PEDD003) by Purejunk opens the episode of Murder Uncovered called The Kate Moir Story. Murder Uncovered is an Australian true-crime series that first screened on the Seven Network on 8 February 2017 hosted by Michael Usher. This investigative series reopens infamous cases of killings and crimes in Australian criminal history.