JUNODOWNLOAD: "Purejunk has been waving his flag high under a number of different aliases over the years, most notably his Avalon and THC projects and both of them showcasing a somewhat trance-fuelled sound. His more recent Purejunk work has shifted to a considerably more experimental guise, bringing in aspects of electronica and downbeaten drone experimentations. "Dreamachine" is his longest and most wide-eyed work to date, bringing forth seventeen tracks of pure lushness - "Strings Of Life" and "Heaven Bring Forth" immediately standing out for their beautiful orchestral programming. There is plenty in there, much of it verging on modern classical, such as "Below Sorvali (Intermezzo)" and "Ideas Come To Life (Intermezzo)", but it's Purejunk's overall mastery of the aural senses which really makes this work shine throughout."

AMBIENTBLOG.NET: "Including this album in a 'retro overview' like this particular post does not exactly do it justice, since it does not 'just' draws its inspiration from the past. 
This album is as eclectic as the music of the artists that Tim 'Purejunk' Handels has shared the Crammed Disc label with in the past: artists like Hector Zazou, John Lurie, Fred Frith but also Carl Craig, Kevin Saunderson and Juryman clearly left some of their inspiration for him to use. Flowing from retro-style synth sequences to melancholic piano intermezzo's and warm guitar tracks, this albums offers "Sixty minutes of pure, unadulterated daydreaming, a stream of consciousness, ranging from pure and awe inspiring musical imagery to dark and mysterious ethereal realities. The sounds are musical alpha waves and sensory soundtracks, each coming from a different emotion, from a different place".

MAKEYOUROWNTASTE.COM: "There’s a ton of variety on Dreamachine, an album of short electronic neo-psychedelia pieces, from the upbeat “Tape Reels” to the moody, melancholy  “Strings of Life” and “Heaven Bring Forth”. Purejunk touches upon almost every type of moody electronica you can think of, from light and airy to dark and mysterious, with an edge from the hipper, techno-based end of things as well. A lengthy album that doesn’t release until September 2013, but you should bookmark it because this one is for almost every fan of electronic music."

JUNODOWNLOAD: "XstaR releases his track 'Endless Melodies' on Belgian imprint 'PJ Records'. If you are looking for a track to end your sunset party with, this might just be the one. Techy rhythmical elements are juxtaposed with serene vocals and pads that lull you into a hypnotic groove. Sit back, sip a beer and watch the sun come down."

VOX: "It was bound to happen... the ideal marriage of fuck-off bpms with Ambient, care of Tim Handels (a.k.a. Avalon). His Earth Water Air Fire album, from the Brussels Crammed Discs / SSR label, is rich Trance City Techno with chillingly perfect vocal lines and thorough dance beats. There's an air of nostalgia about it too; strong elements of House through the ages are sweetly re-defined in these bold sounds. The first four tracks, from 'Hydroscope' to 'Nautical Dream', are outstanding, while the rest simply continue the theme. Verging on the edge of pop, here's one whizz kid completely at ease with his grooves."

MIXMAG: "Weirdo music alert! Belgium techno whippersnapper Avalon enters the UK scene with an EP that sounds as though it was recorded in a spacecraft high above the Andes. First there's the funky breakbeat techno of 'Fish Red' remixed by The Arc, which leads nicely into the deep ambience of 'Linked'. Flip over for the original of 'Fish Red', and you've got a stomping funky groover with a punchy bassline that will really kick. Not content with this, our protégé delivers a slow tribal groove with sampled vocals and lush melodies and calls it 'Midsummer's Night Dream' before he goes off to grow a really big moustache and eats lots of chocolates while Move D do their stuff on a reworking of 'Linked..." Anthony Teasdale

GENERATOR: "Schizophrenic grooves which range from the warped techno/house collision of 'Fish Red' to the tripped-out bliss of 'Linked'. The real treasures here are the breathtaking 'Midsummer's Night Dream', which is pretty and tribal all at once..." Steven Ash
GIG: "Fish/Linked. A fluffy sonic meandering through five cuts of eccentric dance floor madness. Deep and glossy in places, should see it prosper." S. Richardson

INNER SPACE MAGAZINE: "A variety of styles on this 5 track EP with the majority being mellowed and suitable for the chill-out room. However, they aren't ambient - having more of a trance feel to it. My favourite track was the more dancefloor orientated 'Fish/Red' track with groovin' beats and intelligent feel. Quality."

RITUAL: "Avalon, grâce à un mélange sans cesse particulier de rengaines synthétiques accrocheuses et de variations transe-porteuses, se laisse facilement apprivoiser. On est rapidement conquis par cette musique accessible et pas stérile, au point de l'écouter régulièrement et sans remords. C'est plus dansant que de l'ambient, plus travaillé que les soupes techno et mélodique à souhait. Faites le détour par Avalon, vous pouvez être certain qu'on ne vous fourgue pas de la camelote."

BASSIC GROOVE: "Een CD die op één of andere manier nogal christelijk op mij overkomt. Dit kan zijn dankzij de vormgeving van de inlays, welke zo uit de bijbel gestapt lijken te zijn. Of de muziek zelf die een rust en kalmte uitstraalt die een onmiskenbare lichte druk op je legt als ware het een aureolenkransje, welke zorgzaam door een engeltje boven je hoofd geplaatst wordt (het is bijna kerst moet je maar denken). Wat zeuren die actiegroepen nou, met satanische muziek, luister hier maar eens naar! Dit klinkt bijna heilig. Als we even met beide benen op de grond staan en vanuit het objectivement der journalistieke ethiek deze CD beschrijven, komen we tot het linken van ambient, acid, orgelstrings en veel neuriënde en lispelende stemmen. Voldoende info zo? Laat anders de titel van de CD voor zichzelf spreken." Frank

FREESTYLE: "Als we u nu zeggen dat dit trance is, dan denkt u aan goedkope pianootjes met roffelende drums, goedkope zweverige stemmetjes en dergelijke slappe kost. Niets daarvan, deze in Brussel levende Amerikaan heeft de spirit van de allergrootsten en dit album is van een dermate boeiende en gevarieerde sound dat u er 10 keer ononderbroken naar kan luisteren ('REPEAT' op uw CD-speler) zonder er genoeg van te krijgen (empirisch ondervonden!) Het is trance, tribal, techno, oosterse en oriëntaalse muziek, mediterend en bewegend, tot denken en dansen aanzettend, een blauwdruk van alles wat trance zou moeten achterlaten in de geest en tegelijkertijd ver boven elk clichématig afkooksel van zweverige muziek verheven. You'll love it!"