Purejunk's "Immigrants" featured in Channel 5's "Hate Crimes: Uncensored"

The aptly titled song "Immigrants" is featured in this must-watch Channel 5 documentary called "Hate Crimes: Uncensored". The film shows testimony and footage of a variety of religious and racist hate crimes that have taken place on Britain’s streets. The track "Immigrants" is taken from the album Downbeat Darkness 3 (PEDD010) released by Pedigree Cuts.

Great fun scoring this HBO Westworld sequence with Spitfire Audio!

Had some fun "scoring" this fast moving action sequence from HBO's Westworld series 3. Thanks to Spitfire Audio for the great competition!

Purejunk's "Future Pop" album featured on Seven Network's "Home And Away"!

Here's a quick montage of recent usage from the Australian hit TV series "Home And Away", featuring multiple tracks from the oh-so pop Purejunk album "Future Pop" released on Pedigree Cuts (PEDF106). Thank you BMG Production Music! (due to YouTube copyright restrictions, this video is only available to certain countries)

Purejunk participates in Britain's Got Talent: The Champions!!

Purejunk participates in Britain's Got Talent: The Champions!! Well not exactly, but my track "Dummy Drone" is used in this ghoulish act by Asia's Got Talent winner The Sacred Riana.

The Ending by Purejunk featured in the Netflix series "Dark Tourist"

The track The Ending taken from the Pedigree Cuts album Deus Ex Machina (PEDF050) featured as underscore on hit Netflix docu-series Dark Tourist.

Purejunk's "Easy Summer Love" featuring on cult classic Neighbours!

The track "Easy Summer Love" from the album Future Pop (PEDF106) is feautured as background tune in this episode of Australian cult-classic soap opera Neighbours.

New album Downbeat Darkness 4 out now!

Downbeat Darkness 4 (PEDD013) is out now on Pedigree Cuts!

Homes Under The Hammer featuring the Purejunk track... Home Of The Brave!

Cult BBC show Homes Under The Hammer featuring the Purejunk track Home Of The Brave, taken from the Pedigree Cuts release Future Pop (PEDF106).

Purejunk's "Folter Zimmer" featured in Eight Days That Made Rome: Hannibal's Last Stand

The Purejunk track Folter Zimmer taken from the Pedigree Cuts release Electric Underworld (PEDD003) in the epic Eight Days That Made Rome documentary series.

Future Pop!

Future Pop (PEDF106) by Purejunk. An inspired and contemporary collection of pop tunes incorporating elements of alt-pop, chillhop and wave. Available now!