WWII in Color: Road To Victory - The Race For Berlin, featuring Purejunk's Democrazy

Angling for power in the postwar world, Stalin tricks the Allies and his own generals to ensure the Red Army wins the race to Berlin in April 1945. This episode of WWII in Color: Road To Victory features the Purejunk track Democrazy from the album Atmospherica (PEDA017).

Purejunk's "No Cooperation" featured on L'enquête de ma Vie - Meurtre au Pensionnat

Purejunk's "No Cooperation" featured on L'enquête de ma Vie - Meurtre au Pensionnat, a track taken from the Downbeat Darkness 2 (PEDD008) album available thru Pedigree Cuts/Universal Production Music.

Netflix's The Circle using Purejunk's Straw Dogs on series 3 episode "Shock Blocking"

Straw Dogs from the album Deus Ex Machina (PEDF050) used on the Netflix reality show The Circle!

Sample & Hold Me Tight featured on BBC 2's Nadiya's Fast Flavours!

The LeMec/Purejunk track "Sample & Hold Me Tight" featured on BBC2's Nadiya's Fast Flavours, taken from the album "In Your Zone: Lo-fi Chill Hop" (PEDF126) available for worldwide sync thru Universal Production Music.

Lo-fi Hip Hop Track "You Tried Too Hard" on Cult Catalan TV Show "COM SI FOS AHIR"

My LeMec/Purejunk track "You Tried Too Hard" features as a background track in this bar sequence, in the Catalan hit series Com Si Fos Ahir. Taken from the album The Art Of Chill (PEDA019) released by Pedigree Cuts, available for worldwide sync thru Universal Production Music.

Spotify Playlist

A Spotify playlist selection of dark, gloomy cinematic library tracks, all available for worldwide sync thru Universal Production Music.

Purejunk's "Two Part Dream" in BBC TV's "Africa Turns the Page: The Novels That Shaped a Continent"

David Olusoga explores the incredible journey of the African novel in this stunning documentary describing how a fearless collection of writers created books that were to define the image of Africa in the world. The track 'Two Part Dream' taken from the Purejunk album Downbeat Darkness 4 (PEDD013).

Double Purejunk whammy on A&E's Football's Greatest Moments

Double whammy in this great A+E Networks sports documentary called Football's Greatest Moments, a five part series focusing on some of the most iconic moments in the history of football. Two consecutive Purejunk tracks featured on this episode, the first called 'One Way Ticket (To The Stars)', the second 'Night Call', both from the album Synthetic Dreams (PEDD007) released on Pedigree Cuts.

Purejunk's "Immigrants" featured in Channel 5's "Hate Crimes: Uncensored"

The aptly titled song "Immigrants" is featured in this must-watch Channel 5 documentary called "Hate Crimes: Uncensored". The film shows testimony and footage of a variety of religious and racist hate crimes that have taken place on Britain’s streets. The track "Immigrants" is taken from the album Downbeat Darkness 3 (PEDD010) released by Pedigree Cuts.

Great fun scoring this HBO Westworld sequence with Spitfire Audio!

Had some fun "scoring" this fast moving action sequence from HBO's Westworld series 3. Thanks to Spitfire Audio for the great competition!